A collection of feedback and testimonials from buyers and commissioners about my work:

Sculpting on Doomsday was incredible. Didn't think a minimate scale would allow this amount of detail. Squall is great don't hesitate to commission him! This was money well spent!
-Jason N. [Minimates Doomsday]

I pee'd a little when he said he is going to do a Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley custom figure.
I shat my pants when I saw the WIP.
Then I climaxed twice when i saw the final product.
Now, go back to work. Make some more.
-DT [Ghost]

Squall has customized figures for me a lot of times. this was never been done before, he made me 3 3/4" kratos which i think has never been done before. The figure is awesome especially the weapons(blade of chaos). He also made me a Batman figure Arkhum Asylum version 3 3/4"! Im speechless... He never disappoints me. He is an excellent customizer.
-JMRJ [Kratos] [Batman]

Quality work with a beautiful, distinctive style.
-Jeff S. [Minimates Maxx]

What the hell can I say? …FUCKING AWESOME!
Squall never fail to amaze me with each damn custom he creates. The custom pictures looks good, but when it reach your hands it's 10x better! The details on my comic character Da-Vid is great! definitely work of a PRO! high five man, I'll be back for more!
-David Jerickson Serador [Da-Vid]

I have always admired his custom GI JOE figs. Especially the resolute ones, Much more so, when I saw it personally during the 1st Toy Con in one of the malls here in Davao, and blown away when I was able to see and hold some of his custom Marvel Legends during the Custom Contest of the 2nd Toy Con., never thought a fellow Dabawenyo could be that good when it comes to customizing., Knowing that he customizes one of my favorite toy lines the MINIMATES, boy I couldn’t help myself not to have one. And I did! Not just one but two…and I guess there would be more to come.
-Intot Dino [Minimates Scarlet Spider] [Minimates Spawn]

When I saw the pictures of squall's scarlet spider, I was amazed how detailed the figure was, I even  saved them in my pc. I never really expected that this thing of beauty will be mine.
-Leifredh Jan Fernandez [Scarlet Spider]

I was blown away when i received my custom spawn figure 3 3/4'. Absolutely sick really great work.
-JMRJ. [Spawn]

This guy made me my favorite GI JOE character Lt. Falcon. Prolly the best rendition to date.
-Jason Ong [Lt. Falcon]

Squall has been commissioned for numerous customs of different scales. I have seen raves from international forums commending his attention to detail and color that goes well on indoor and outdoor photography. So I had to have my favorite character to undergo his expertise!
-A.J. Yuzon [Cobra Commander]